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Our intentions are to reward and encourage youth, from ages K – 12th grade, who have a desire to create art in any medium. Whether they love painting or drawing, photography, or three dimensional arts, we connect them with established artists to learn hands-on art techniques, we take them fishing to learn more about the ocean and interpreting their experience to their art. We also hold art contests for the kids to have the opportunity to win art supplies and tools for their work. This is an enhancement program for kids who want to learn and grow aware of their surroundings.

We are an exempt 501 (c) 3 corporation.  We were founded in 2007 after the passing of the wildlife artist Chuck Byron.  Chuck appreciated all his opportunities to be a better artist and wanted kids that desire the same to have chances to grow in their talents. We are funded by public charities and hold annual fundraisers to offer the young artists more learning experiences and possibly one day offer scholarships to them for a career using their creative talent. Your consideration of us for donations in cash or prizes will help to continue our efforts for the kids.

Please browse here to see some of the past events and art projects we hold out of San Diego, California. Although you don’t have to live here, most events are in the southern California area. We do except art contest entries nationwide and send rewards that apply to your location.

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